The Corporate Life - A Podcast by Hina Siddiqui

Micro-Efficiencies That Make A Significant Difference in Any Workplace

August 15, 2022 Season 1 Episode 42
The Corporate Life - A Podcast by Hina Siddiqui
Micro-Efficiencies That Make A Significant Difference in Any Workplace
Show Notes

Corporate people seem to be stressed out and overworked with strict deadlines. If you are in this corporate world for a while, you know what I am saying here. 

And that’s not the desired state at all.

But you know what? 

We can learn some Efficiencies or Micro efficiencies that could make a big difference in the workplace making our work lives easier, interesting and much more rewarding.

In this Interview,  I have with me Faisal Hoque who's gonna give us some handy micro efficiencies that you can learn to use on the way to being a stress free and strong corporate brand. 

Voted Top 100 Most Influential People in Technology, and a regular contributor for Fast Company and the Harvard Business Review, Faisal is an accomplished entrepreneur, noted thought leader, technology innovator, advisor to CEOs, BODs, and the US federal government, and a bestselling author.

A student of life, entrepreneurship, and humanity, Faisal Hoque as a child, has lived through war and famine. As a college student, he worked the graveyard shift as a janitor. As a serial entrepreneur since the early 90s, he has been traveling the cutting-edge world of innovation, technology, and global business. And as an author for two decades, he has been exploring the intersection of science and humanities.

His newest WSJ bestselling book Lift: Fostering the Leader in You Amid Revolutionary Global Change explores the intersection of transformational leadership, systemic thinking, and experiential learning—all required to survive and thrive the tsunami of changes and disruptions caused by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, and misinformation trends.

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